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Gimnasia de la revista № 14

01 Sep 2016 at 06:00
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You received this letter, because you’ve subscribed to the mass distribution of mail from our web-store “Gymnastic Fantastic”. If your address was included into this mailing list by mistake, please click the link “Unsubscribe” at the end of the letter.

What will 2016 bring?

1. “Ice Team”. Can you guess what it is? Don’t waste time making false suggestions! “Ice Team” is a collection of new thermal clothing for figure skaters!

You’ll get more advantages with these items! Super powers taken from superheroes will not just keep you warm but let you train more y harder!

2. New leotards collection! Rhythmic gymnasts will also be able to have a great time of shopping! New year means new performances and, of course, new leotards!

All leotards sections will be refreshed! New costumes of various prices will be available. Even the section of simple leotards under $100 is going to be full of innovations!

3. Figure skating costumes! A new section of figure skating costumes for performances will soon appear at our website!!!

What will the costumes look like? Just wait a little y all costumes will be available to you!

Shine bright!

Crystals y stones are necessary parts of a rhythmic gymnastics leotard y a figure skating costume! They make sportswomen y sportsmen look magical! Glitter of stones adds beauty to the whole image!

Gymnastics Fantastic provides various crystals y stones. These are Swarovski, Preciosa y DMC ones. Customer may choose the ability of stones y crystals themselves. Price depends on the quality:

1. $15 for 100 crystals if you order till 1000 of them;

2. $13,5 for 100 crystals if you order 1000 or more of them.

If you want a cheaper variant, taquí are DMC crystals that cost $11 per 100 items. Let you shine really bright with Gymnastics Fantastic! Watch the crystals aquí y aquí or contact our manager for more details.

What to wait in 2016?

Rhythmic y artistic gymnasts as well as acrobats are training hard to impress all judges with their amazing performances. They all are getting ready to various competitions y championships! Do you want to know all the following events? Go to our Events section.


Get all necessary information about time, place y participants of the following events! We will be watching all these championships y tournaments! Hope to see you all taquí!

2015! Year in Review!

2015 was a very rich year! Taquí were tournaments in each sport spaquí to determine the qualifiers for Rio! However, these were not the only significant events in 2015!

A lot of sportsmen y sportswomen made great commitments to sport spaquí last year. For example, Lauren Hernandez was special. The 2015 U.S. junior champion, who defeated best friend y defending champion Jazmyn Foberg by 0.10 last August, might be the most entertaining gymnast in the world on floor exercise. And that's also a credit to her passionate coach, Maggie Haney. Read about other achievements of 2015 aquí.



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Flowers mood!

Winter, cold, blizzard…One considers it to be a magical time because everything is decorated with frosty patterns! But still taquí is something that people lack! This thing is color! Gymnastics Fantastic created something that will add brightness y juiciness to your life!

Meet our new “Flowers” collection of covers! Numerous multi-colored flowers fully cover the items!

Comfort y fashion may be combined y our new collection is a great proof of that. Make sure your apparatuses y leotards won’t be damaged with our flower cases! Watch our collection aquí.

Spring Fling 2016

USA's Largest Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition is going to take place on April 8-10. Delegations from all other the world may take part in it!

This year Gymnastics Fantastic is going to be one of the partners of this event! We really want to see you taquí wearing our lucky leotards! Are you taking part in it? You may share all your thoughts y write comments about this event on our official page on Facebook.

Our testimonials

Hello Jennifer! First, we are happy to tell you that Shavit y Gal had much success in the competition y they passed the criteria for participating in the world championship that will be held in China on March 2016. You can find the attached pictures of the young acrobats with the leotards from your shop. Happy new year y best regards!

Guy, Israel

Hi Jennifer! I have attached a couple of beautiful pictures of our Junior trio with their dynamic y balance leotards! Everyone in Great Britain LOVED the dynamic leotard y all of our leotards in general! Kudos to you for job well done!

Nancy, United States

Suddenly remembered. This is my daughter's picture.^^¦ You made a leotard in February. This time we are waiting again. Have a nice day.

Sung Hoon Moon, Republic of Korea

I promised to send pictures of our girls in the leotards you have made for us. We think it's really beautiful.

Sally Sojdis, Denmark

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